Tumbler Process

It takes time to be able to create your glamorous tumblers. There are specific drying and curing times for each tumbler.

Tumbler must be prepped. (sanded, painted,etc)

Glitter first coat, wait 30-45 minutes.

Brush off excess glitter.

Glitter second coat, wait 1-2 hours.

Seal glitter with sealer, wait 1-2 hours.

Epoxy first coat, wait 8-10 hours

Epoxy second coat, wait 8-10 hours

Sand cup and remove excess epoxy from rim.

Wash cup.

Print/cut decal.

Apply decal.

Epoxy third coat, wait 8-10 hours.

Wait until dry to the touch.

Epoxy fourth coat, fifth time if needed, maybe sixth coat is needed.

Allow to completely cure for 72 hours after final epoxy coat.

Clean final product.

Take pictures.

Package product.

Mail Product.