The most asked question is, "How did you get started?" To be completely honest, we didn't realize what was to become of this venture when we were deciding on a birthday present. I have always loved personalized gifts! Anything DIY was my thing! When I was younger, I would personalize my school textbooks, notebooks, anything I could. One of my favorite DIY projects was when my grandmother bought me an office chair. I hated the color! I was in love with a specific fabric (which was a bedsheet- lol!) I truly thought I was Martha Stewart! I upholstered my own chair! I even used the remaining material to apply to different items in my bedroom. I became a mother of three and was always on the go! Never had the time to truly sit still. I then began to outsource my ideas to small businesses. During COVID, I still wanted to deliver personalized Mother's Day gifts. My kids talked me into doing it on my own. Upon creating my own, my kids were inspired to add their own personal touch to different projects. Making tumblers quickly turned into a therapeutic passion. Everything with glitter became a true obsession. 

This is when my inner sparkle really started to shine bright. Eventually, we decided to expand and bring in only the best, high-quality products to offer.  Being able to build a business out of something that brings me so much joy & happiness is something we will forever be grateful for. With the help of my trio, they help keep us up to date with the latest trends and styles. They are very much involved in production. They even make some products themselves! Also, being able to build a business as a full-time working mom, involving my children, showing my them that you will never have to give up on your dreams, anything is possible when you work hard; is a huge deal for me! Being able to include them in this journey, they get to experience it firsthand, is a beautiful accomplishment.

We take great pride in our work. Since being able to create glamorous products, none of us thought we would create our very own website. This has been a project. It has taken more than a year to get the courage to do this, even to get started on Etsy. We are extremely detailed oriented, which is why extreme time is taken into our work, and you can see this displayed in the final product. I suffer from OCD, so nothing is final until I feel it's 100% PERFECT. I know, it's a blessing and a curse. But to see your reaction to our products is the best part of the business. When my kids told me, "Mom, that looks store bought!" that's when I realized, this is it! Sky's the limit! 

When not crafting, I'm a hot mix between being a homebody and spending time with my family and friends, eating, traveling, and shopping! I'm always out to find new adventures with family and friends. I can't forget to mention I'm a true coffee ADDICT! I have a purple passion! My favorite season is fall! My favorite holiday is my birthday, it's a national holiday! I am always willing to help others create, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Thank you to all of you for your unconditional love, support, and allowing us to be a part of your memories. Thank you for visiting our boutique and following us on this incredible journey! 


The Zalychae Family