A Made To Order is an order we have made many times before that doesn't require me to design from scratch. Meaning, the design takes me less than a custom order because we made this product many times already and know what vinyl, glitters, images, and other supplies to use.


A Custom Order is where YOU ARE THE DESIGNER! It is a one of a kind, made from scratch, just for you! It is an order that we have most likely, not made. This requires more time from me due to research, designing, and figuring out glitter colors, gathering new images, creating decals, editing, among many other steps, etc. 


Ready to sell items are tumblers and items that we have already made that are ready to be shipped/picked up! A Ready To Ship Tumbler is one that has had all coats of resin applied, and is ready to go. It usually needs to be examined. All that it needs is possibly cleaning and packaging. If you decide to add a name to these tumblers they will NOT be ready to go and will require time for me to sit down, design, create, and apply the decal. This means it will require another coat of resin and will need the proper time to cure; therefore prolonging the processing time. There is only one of each item but can be recreated and ordered under the "custom" collection if you miss out on the chance to purchase the single items in stock.

How will I know when the next RTS is?

The best way to keep up with new dates is to follow us on Instagram and checking the How To Order Highlight button on our profile, and keeping track of that. We are very active on social media, and it is our best way to announce things, by watching the stories we upload, or checking the website for the next RTS dates.


Visit @zalychaecreations on IG, Turn on Post notifications to know when items are live on the website.


What if I want a specific tumbler that is not a RTS Tumbler?

Due to our focus on RTS, please email us and let us know you’re interested in a specific cup, if it’s in our bandwidth at the time for the next RTS Event, we can make it. Please know, this does not mean we will hold it for you, if you forget or you’re late on the website and someone purchases it before you do, we are sorry! There’s nothing we will be able to do about that.
RTS Tumblers are made based on a variety of factors, which include our creativeness, seasons, themes. Please note every RTS is different, and keep in mind this is a small business. We try our best to fulfill everyone’s cup of tea. Typically, MOST cups don’t come back a second round, unless there is a popular demand for them.